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H2bhlove Productions

Hi! My name is Shelley Miller and I am a artist of all trades . If I have the materials in front of me , I am  constantly thinking on how to recreate it into something beautiful ! My art company is called H2bhlove Productions .  We produce digital graphics , paintings , drawings , and various types of upcycled unique  garments. I have been drawing dragons ever since I was a small child , creating 100’s of them over different art mediums. I love to create them with their own unique personalities and traits! Thank you for viewing.

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Moe Stylez

Moe Stylez is a multifaceted artist that specializes in a multitude of artistic creative outlets from photography to hair styling, braids, dreadlocks, and updos as well as customized art creations such as shirt, pillows and many more art forms.



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TankersArt aka Mytek aka Michael Bisping is a Sacramento Graffiti and Sculpture artist. His style portrays a mixture of graffiti, pop culture and abstract style of his own creation. He is known to use anything he can paint on from canvas, to records, skateboards, hats, and even uses upcycled art products such as paint cans to create unique sculptures.


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wild empath Photography

Amanda the owner and operator of Wild Empath Photography is a Northern California photographer. She has a creative eye and passion for her art form that shines through every photograph, graphic design and videography creation.

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Blake Charlton AKA FreakShow is a Sacramento native artist working with graphite, ink, acrylic or anything he can get his hands on. He has a dark style that relates to his life experiences and loves to share a darker side of art

Story Spark

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STORY SPARK is a lifestyle brand that celebrates the life between technology and people. Today's digital age is awesome with its efficiencies and progress, but sometimes it makes us forget to enjoy what it means to be human. It's crazy that we even have to start remembering ourselves as humans, right? Technology should aid the expression of who you are - helping you to give a thoughtful gift, to tell a story and to share a real smile.

Hi, I'm Alex - Designer & Co-founder
I enjoy and appreciate courage. The strength that enables one to express themselves and to be unafraid - free to stand up on one's own accord. These are the early adopters and the trailblazers who dare to experiment and create a means toward realizing a vision. This is the passion and creativity that I strive to harness in Story Spark, in hopes of providing others with the same sense of courage and freedom.

Hi, I'm Sun - Designer & Co-founder
I enjoy and appreciate thoughtfulness. Thank you for holding the door for me. Really, it's being able to notice the small details of kindness and celebrating it big. I strive in my own work and actions to put my best foot forward in creating mindful interactions and things that might be enjoyed by everyone. Life is too precious to think of oneself. Live, save and give! :)

Be The Next Featured Artist

Do you have artistic ideas? Want to collaborate? We have a plethora of mixed media outlets that will feature a not only a diverse artist collective but the method in which the art is presented. 

Please submit the information below and give us a bit of information about you and your art, we look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the future!


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